Research interests:

  • Mathematical modelling, partial differential equations
  • Fluid mechanics, multi-phase flows, granular flows, collective motion


  • R. Bianchini, C. Perrin.
    «Soft congestion approximation to the one-dimensional constrained Euler equations»
    submitted (preprint available on HAL )
  • C. Burtea, S. Gavrilyuk, C. Perrin.
    «Hamilton's principle of stationary action in multiphase flow modeling»
    Lecture notes submitted (preprint available on HAL )
  • A.-L. Dalibard, C. Perrin.
    «Partially congested propagation fronts in one-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations»
    Proceeding (preprint disponible sur HAL )


  • C. Perrin.
    «A remark on memory effects in constrained fluid systems»
    Proceeding «Workshop on Compressible Multiphase Flows» 2019, ESAIM: Proceedings and Surveys, December 2020, vol. 69, p. 56-69 (2020) ( HAL )
  • A.-L. Dalibard, C. Perrin.
    «Existence and stability of partially congested propagation fronts in a one-dimensional Navier-Stokes model»
    Communications in Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 18, n.7, p.1775-1813 (2020) ( HAL )
  • C. Perrin, K. Saleh.
    «A convergent FV - FE scheme for the stationary compressible Navier-Stokes equations»
    IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, 2020;, draa003, ( HAL , version longue disponible ici )
  • D. Bresch, S. Necasova, C. Perrin.
    «Compression effects in heterogeneous media»
    Journal de l'École Polytechnique - Mathématiques Tome 6 (2019), p. 433-467 (improved version HAL )
  • C. Perrin.
    «An overview on congestion phenomena in fluid equations»
    Proceeding Journées EDP 2018 ( HAL )
  • C. Perrin, M. Westdickenberg.
    «One-dimensional granular system with memory effects»
    SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis, vol. 50(6), p.5921-5946, 2018 ( HAL )
  • C. Perrin.
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  • C. Perrin.
    «Pressure Dependent Viscosity Model for Granular Media Obtained from Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations»
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  • C. Perrin, E. Zatorska.
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    Communications in Partial Differential Equations, vol. 40, Iss. 8, p. 1558-1589 (2015)
  • D. Bresch, C. Perrin, E. Zatorska.
    «A singular Limit of Navier-Stokes System Leading to a Free/Congested zones Two-Phase Model».
    C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris.,vol. 352, Iss. 9 p. 685--690 (2014)

PhD Thesis:

Recent talks:

  • MSRI workshop "Recent Developments in Fluid Dynamics", online, April 2021
  • Joint seminar INRIA-LJLL (Online), January 2021
  • Seminar Necas (Online), Prague, November 2020
  • Conference "Vorticity, Rotation, Symmetry (V) – Global Results and Nonlocal Phenomena", CIRM, Marseille (France), October 2020
  • Seminar, IMAG, Montpellier, December 2019
  • PDEs Seminar, Laboratoire Paul Painlevé, Lille, October 2019
  • Seminar, École Centrale de Casablanca, October 2019
  • SMF/CIRM conference "Inhomogeneous flows: Asymptotic Models and Interfaces Evolution" (Marseille, France), September 2019
  • Mini-course (3H), summer school of the Research Group EGRIN, le Lioran, June 2019
  • Workshop on Compressible Multiphase Flows, Strasbourg (France), May 2019
  • SMAI Congress 2019, talks for the mini-symposia "Singularities in fluid mechanics" and
    "Modelling, analysis and simulation of Compressible Multiphase Flows", May 2019
  • Seminar, IAC (Roma, Italy), April 2019
  • "Modelling of materials" seminar, Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic), January 2019
  • "Physique Mathématique" seminar, Institut Fourier (Grenoble, France), December 2018
  • Numerical Analysis seminar, IRMAR (Rennes, France), November 2018
  • Seminar, University College London, October 2018
  • Seminar, Laboratoire de Mécanique et d'Acoustique (Marseille, France), October 2018
  • MathFlows 2018, Porquerolles, September 2018
  • Colloque franco-roumain, Bordeaux, August 2018
  • Journées EDP, Obernai (France), June 2018
  • Nice-Toulon-Marseille Meeting, May 2018
  • Seminar of the Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory, Paris, May 2018
  • Analysis seminar, Laboratoire J.A. Dieudonné Nice (France), March 2018
  • Analysis seminar, Basel University (Switzerland), March 2018
  • Workshop on kinetic and fluid Partial Differential Equations, Paris, March 2018

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